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Our psychological consulting services enhance personal life satisfaction and empower corporate workforce.

Testimonial from individual clients:

" I have gained confidence in life again!"...........(Ms G suffered from depressive mood)

" I have been able to focus on what I like to achieve!" .....(Student ARN with study problem)

"It saves our marriage and our child's future!"....... (Couple A & L at the point of divorce proceeding)

"Through the support given to me and my carer, we have managed the cancer treatment with sense of achievement and it deepens our relationship!" ......(Cancer patient ELG)

"I have tried many psychological services, but this is a totally different experience.  I am so glad that I come!"  ......(PTSD sufferer AC)

Testimonial from corporate clients:

"It helps identifying my team members strength and weakness!" ......(Executive Staff)

"It saves our human resource money for handling crisis and the lost of staff!".....(EAP support)

"Empowering our international staff and their families!"........(Global Manpower Transition Support)

                                        Client's success is our business!

Mission statements – 

Caring clients and counselling professionals by offering high standard of psychological services and ethical practice.

Company Policy -

- According to client's wish, we work collaboratively with client's support network including families, healthcare professionals, service agencies,  legal representative & pastoral care team.

- We engage fully trained and registered therapists, counsellors, and specialists for any referral.

- We deliver service in according to the Australian Laws and Counselling Standards.

Multi-lingual service is available based on request (English, European Languages, Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese, Japanese and other Asian languages)


Do I need referral?

You do not need to be sick to seek counselling help and therefore you do not need a referral!

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Executive Bio - Matti Lee, MSc, MPACFA, MACA, Supervisor


My Story

Having lived and worked in countries across continents, I appreciate the diversity of culture and human strength in all circumstances. With a Master degree in Counselling and being trained in a range of therapy techniques including Clinical Hypnotherapy and Trauma Treatment, my clinical experience has enabled me to offer intervention in a variety of settings e.g. On-site emergency and crisis management, Delivery of Support Programs, Private individual consultation and Family Therapeutic Meeting. I am passionate about nurturing healthy choice in life so that true health in mind and in body could be restored. 

Clinical Experience:

Private health centers & hospitals, International clinics, Legal departments, Community Service Agencies, Cancer Support, Aged Care facilities, NGO organisations, Church affiliated services, Missionary work and Business consulting work.


CBT, Solution Focus, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, EFT, Psychosynthesis, Person-Centered, Structural Family, and Wholistic approach.


Depression & Anxiety

Grief & Mourning

Trauma & Crisis

Couple & Family Relationship

Cross cultural issues

Migrants & TCK

Child Protection & Legal

Court counselling support

Affordable for special needs

Special discount is  being offered to Full time students, Pensioners, Volunteers, Missionary Workers, Church Ministers and Workers.  Enquiry is welcome.

Common FAQs:

How do I know the counsellor is a qualified professional? 

Check the title and registration with professional bodies like PACFA, ACA, and APA.

How much does counselling cost?

In money terms,  AUD$100-300 per session(excl. Assessment cost) is commonly charged. Some services are government subsidised and others are not.. Is it worth?  Comparing to the lost of working capacity, deterioration of health, extra medical bills, loss of family relationship, and legal cost, it is a VERY cost effective way to resolve problems.  In many situations, it is life saving!!

What if my previous counselling experience was not good?

Many clients do not access to the right help at the first time. Like finding the right shoes for your feet's comfort, matching with the right therapist is a crucial step of any successful treatment.

Signs of good therapist:

a. Professional Registration means ethical practice and commitment for client,s safety.

b. Clear treatment goals and transparent about the process.

c. Caring and Listening to client with understanding and respect.

d. Being firm and clear about boundaries.

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