Services & Booking

Personal Health


Personal consultation could be effective for any age for a wide range of life challenges.  e.g Children's behavioural issues, College student's study problems, Adult's stress and anxiety management, Retiree's life adjustment......etc. To live life in its fullness is a personal choice!

Couple & Family Therapy


Happy relationship is usually an outcome of continuous effort.  Anyone could benefit from receiving support and training about relational skills. Professional help could be a timely assistance when we feel lost and powerless at difficult phrase of life.

It could be a preventive or maintenance service, eg pre-marital counselling and prenatal parenting programs.

Executive & Career Coaching


Psychological Service could enhance job satisfaction and career plan.  For corporate staff, the service could provide recruitment advice, team building elements, stress management, EAP support and personal development. For students, it could be study guidance.

Counselling results in saving the expensive cost of wrong career choice, low productivity, staff conflict, or even the lost of valuable staff!

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality is protected with exclusion clauses in according to Australia legal requirement.

Client consent would be sought after if release of information is required.